Transfer Vehicle Title

When purchasing any pre-owned vehicle in New Jersey, a transfer of vehicle title is necessary to assume ownership and register the vehicle. Vehicle transfer requirements will vary depending on the type of title from which ownership is being transferred. All vehicle transfers require the following documents and fees. For a successful visit, arrive at the Motor Vehicle Commission facility with all of the necessary items in hand.


For all Transfers of Vehicle Title in New Jersey


  • Current Title–must be properly assigned, meaning the back has been filled out with seller and buyer names and addresses, signatures, the sale date, price of vehicle and driver’s license number of the buyer.
  • Vehicle Registration Application–This is form BA-49 and it is only available at the MVC facility.
  • Purchaser’s physical driver’s license or Identification
  • Proof of minimum liability insurance coverage in the state of New Jersey
  • Titling Fee–$60/no liens, $85/1 lien, $110/2 liens
  • Registration fee includes plates
  • Sales tax
  • If the vehicle is leased or financed, a Financing Statement/Procedure to Add a Lien (form OS/SS-85c) is required.
  • If the purchaser is a company or business, the purchaser must provide its EIN.
  • If a representative is signing for the buyer, a Power of Attorney will be necessary, in which case the representative may present a copy of the purchaser’s identification in lieu of an official copy.


These items are required for all vehicle title transfers. If the current title is a New Jersey title, the items listed above are the only requirements to transfer a title.


From Out of State

If the vehicle is titled in a different state, the Motor Vehicle Commission also requires the purchaser to present any dealer reassignment documentation, a purchase order if the assigned title has no tax stamp, and a completed Application for Certificate of Ownership (form OS/SS-7). If the vehicle is being transferred from a state that does not issue titles, the purchaser must provide a notarized statement from the seller that includes the model, year, make, VIN, and purchase price, along with a printed photograph or pencil tracing of the VIN, in lieu of the properly assigned title. The non-titled transfer also requires the most recent registration that shows the seller as the legal registrant, and the completed OS/SS-7 form.


From an Auction

Vehicles purchased at auction will also require additional documentation. Instead of a properly assigned title, the auction house will provide the current title with a New Jersey Tax stamp, or a purchase order if there is no tax stamp, a copy of the Power of Attorney issued from the dealer to the auction house, and any necessary dealer reassignment documentation.


When all of the required items are submitted to the Motor Vehicle Commission, the state issues the title reflecting the purchaser as the new owner.