Registering Vehicle From Out Of State

When you move into the State of New Jersey, you must register out of state vehicle. This includes every one you own. This is a requirement someone has when they move from one state to another. Registering motor vehicles is just one chore for the new resident, along with getting a drivers license, notifying your insurance company, and registering to vote. In New Jersey, the most important thing you need to know is that you have sixty (60) days to complete the registration. Since there may well be documents to obtain, you need to start as soon as you make the move to gather all the necessary information so you are not caught up at the deadline.


You need to know the exact requirements to register out of state vehicle. Do not assume you know what to do because you have been registering motor vehicles all your life. The laws in New Jersey are specific, and may well differ from the laws you have dealt with in the past. To register out of state vehicle can be simple or complicated, depending on how you approach it. The simple way is to start early, learn the requirements, obtain the documents, go to the appropriate office with documents and money, and all should go well. Make sure you find out the answers to your questions before you make that trip so one visit is all it takes to register out of state vehicle. The exception to the one visit rule is when you have a lien on your vehicle. That situation will be discussed later.


The first step is to know the status of the original title to the motor vehicle. If you owe the car free and clear, then you should have the original title in your possession. If you do not, then you will have to track down the title. You cannot complete the registration process without the title. If you owe money on the vehicle, then the lien holder, a bank or other financial institution, is holding the original title. You must go to a New Jersey motor vehicle agency office and complete a form which will be sent to the bank. Nothing further can be done until that title is sent back to New Jersey.


Once the title issue is resolved, you then need proof of identification, which is normally a drivers license, and insurance information which you can get from your insurance agent or company. They will know just what you need to satisfy the state. Take all of that information along with sufficient funds to pay the transfer fees and any other charges to the motor vehicle agency. There will be forms to fill out there, and the process should be complete. You will receive license plates, registration card, and inspection documents. If you own your vehicle without a lien, you will receive a new original title. If there is a lien, then the title will be mailed to the lien holder. You will get it back when the loan is paid in full.


The process sounds complicated, but the employees at the agency should be helpful in answering all your questions. They want everything to go smoothly. Just remember the sixty (60) day deadline. Start working right away, especially if you do not have the original title. There is nothing wrong with finishing up well before the time is up. It will get your move off to a good start.