New Registration

New Jersey might be a small state, but there are numerous roads and highways that people drive every single day. Now that you have a car, truck, van, or another automobile to get you from Point A to B, you need to get that vehicle registered with the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) in order to drive it legally in and out of state. In this article, how to apply for a new registration for a motor vehicle will be explained in detail.

How to Register Vehicles in NJ

Registering a new or previously owned vehicle in your name changes depending on how you obtained your vehicle.

Purchased from a Dealership

In NJ, the dealership will handle the initial titling and registration process. It doesn’t matter if the car you have purchased is brand new or previously owned. Sales tax is included in the overall title of your purchase.

Purchased from a Private Seller

Unlike purchasing from a dealership, which will apply for a new registration on your behalf, buying motor vehicles from private sellers has additional steps. You will have a 10 business day span to apply for registration. If you pass the 10-day limit, you will need to pay $25 in late fees.

Before going to the local MVC office, prepare the title, received from whomever you purchased the vehicle from. Then, go to the MVC with the following:

  • Filled out title
  • NJ auto insurance proof
  • Social Security Number
  • NJ Driver’s License or 6 Points of Identification (such as U.S. birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, etc.)
  • Odometer disclosure – failing to provide an accurate odometer reading with 10 business days, you will be fined for $25.
  • Form BA-49 (Application for Registration)
  • $60 title fee – cost may be higher due to sales tax
  • Registration fees – see Fee section below for explanation

You may also be required to go to a vehicle inspection center if it hasn’t been assessed in 2 years.

Insurance Requirements

New Jersey has 3 mandatory insurances:

  • Liability insurance – covers you in an accident
  • Uninsured driver/motorist coverage – covers medical expenses for everyone on the insurance policy
  • Personal injury protection

If you don’t have proof of these insurances, you will lose the ability to register your vehicles.

Applicable Registration Fees

The registration fee is dependent on the vehicle type, model, and weight class. The NJ MVC has listed basic automotive registration fees on an online chart.

New NJ Residents

Even if you are moving to NJ temporarily, for 6 months or longer, the state requires you to transfer your title, register your vehicle, and obtain a New Jersey driver’s license. Upon acquiring a residence, you have 60 days to register. Before you apply for a new registration, NJ requires you to get 3 types of insurance (see above).

To register vehicles from out of state, go to your local Motor Vehicle Commission and request the forms needed for titling and registering your automobile. You will be asked for the above-mentioned items (Form BA-49, identification, insurance) along with the Form CS-54 if there is a lien against your automobile.

Upon registering your vehicle at the MVC, you have 14 days to get it inspected.

While the process for registering a new or previously owned vehicle in NJ might seem somewhat complicated at first, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you will have no problem. Now that you know what to do, it is time to print the Registration Application and gather your needed documents.