Drivers License Name Change

Your driver’s license is good for four years, but a life event can require you to have your name changed on it. Examples of times when you would need to do a changed name on your drivers license are a new marriage, divorce, adoption or a court order that states that you must change your name for some reason. The following are the steps that you need to take and some information about the name change process.


Notifying the MVC

The state of New Jersey is very strict in its requirements for reporting changed names. You must notify them within one week of the change, and you must start the process if having your identification changed as quickly as possible. You have to change your other identification before you can change your New Jersey driver’s license. You have to report the change to the Social Security office first. Visit a branch near you with the document that states that your name needs to be changed, whether it’s your marriage certificate, divorce decree or something else. Once you got the Social Security Administration and process your name there, you can visit the local Motor Vehicle Agency and have your license changed. Your updated license will expire the same date the original one was set to expire.


The Cost for a Changed Name

The cost for a name change or your license is not expensive. The state of New Jersey charges $11 for the updated document. You will have various payment options. You can pay by cash, credit card or debit card. You may have some other options such as personal checks and money orders with the appropriate ID as well.


Items That You Will Need

The state of New Jersey uses a points system for its name changes. To have the MVC process a changed name, you will need to provide someone with six points worth of documentation that provides your identity, residence for NJ and the reason that you are requesting the changed name. Documents that prove your identity are documents such as the passport, birth certificate or a driver’s license. Those are primary documents. Secondary documents are additional documents that may prove what you need to prove. They are documents such as the divorce document, marriage certificate or the court order. They will prove to the processer that you are authorized to change your name and such.


You will also need to bring with you a proof of your residency in New Jersey. This documentation must be from the past 90 days. There are a number of items that are okay to take to the DMV as proof of residency. One of them is a utility bill. If you do not have a utility bill, you can use something like a bank statement. If you don’t have a bank statement, you can always use a copy of your lease or residential agreement. Once you have all the necessary papers in the person’s hand, he or she will process your request.


Do Your Name Change Now

Now you know how to process your name change. You can find the closest branch by doing a quick search on the website. The entire process should take less than an hour if you make it to the branch at a time that’s not busy. It will be busy if you go near the holidays or at the end of the month where everyone is trying to get their personal business done at the same time.